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Last updated 8/22/2018

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A Thought Can Change Your Day

I woke up this morning with this thought…”nothing that is temporal is everlasting only that which is unseen is eternal.”

As I became still and listened to the words from within once again…”nothing that is temporal is everlasting, only that which is unseen is eternal.”

I found myself breathing deeply and slowly. I began to hear the soft beating of my heart and feeling the presence of God’s love and peace filling my body. Tears dripped from my eyes and moved gently down the side of my face. It was like someone was pouring liquid peace into my thirsty soul.

My nights have been restless lately. Days have seemed overwhelming. So much seemed to be going on around me and so much to do! I found myself getting caught up in the drama of the outer world. As I took time to be still, I recognized everyone at some time steps into the swamp pit of being overwhelmed with life.

As a minister this shouldn’t happen but guess what…it does! I am so thankful for such a Loving Divine Creator that is right here with each of us ready and willing to remind us that peace is only a heartbeat or a breath away. “Just be still!” I know all this but for the past week or so my mind seemed to be on fast forward. For years I have been blessed with the ability to still my thoughts but lately my thoughts were driving me.

This morning in that blessed moment of peace I knew the Christ was once again directing my life. Peace, joy and love filled my awareness of what is important in this earthly walk in life. Yes, I am very grateful for all the earthly blessing of family, friends, health, home and a profession I dearly love. All that is seen is only temporal and will one day pass away. Today and every day I want to focus on that which is eternal. I desire, as so many of you my desire, to live more fully inn a consciousness of the unseen treasures of life. Living from a place of being in the world but not being pulled down into the swamp and the appearance of division and darkness.

Let us remind ourselves daily of the words of the Beloved Master Jesus spoke…”you are the light in the world, let your light shine.” Let it shine within the darkness of everyday life. Let your light shine through the swamp of negative thoughts, words and actions. Allow the light to bring forth understanding and remembrance of who you are.

I am reminded that all spiritually blessed souls such as Jesus, Buddha, Diwal Khul, Kuthun, El Morgan, Quin Yen, Mother Mary, Yogananda and many more walked this earthly plane until they discovered the Divinity within and gained mastership over the seen and unseen forces in this world. Jesus said…”I have overcome the world and what I do you can do also.” His awareness of his Divine Self or the Unseen Self became more active than his human ego self and the unseen became the seen.

Many unseen friends are all around us ready and willing to help as we recognize what is most important to us. Every day we have a choice to reach for the things we see in the outer world or to reach for the unseen treasure within.

May the unseen become the seen in you and me. As Jesus said, “may thy kingdom come on earth.” Are you willing to help bring this kingdom into the world…through you?
May this thought help change your day to one of joy and peace…Namaste.

From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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