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Last updated 5/23/2018

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Keeping the Dream Alive

Years ago before becoming the spiritual leader at Unity, I had a dream of a metaphysical community. This was a beautiful community of people working together in peace, love and harmony. We grew our own food, fellowshipped, played music, sang, danced and ate together. Everyone was so gifted. Artists, craftsmen, weavers, landscapers, astrologers, numerologists, healers, singers, those who loved to cook…the list could go on and on. This community was self-sufficient. Whatever was needed it seemed to show up. The community was known for its love and respect for everyone. People came seeking wisdom and understanding about healing and wholeness from those in our community. A smile comes to my face as I recall this dream I had over thirty years ago. I think this dream is part of the reason I always wanted to have land in the country with ponds, fruit trees and a garden. Maybe, just maybe, the dream of a beautiful family of friends would come true.

As I think back on this long ago dream I realize I am already living that dream. A dream of a loving community with people from different backgrounds have come together with so many different talents! My dream is right here at Unity Church of Winston Salem!!! People with talented gifts in business, finance, numerology, astrology, theater, musicians, counselors, writers, spiritual leaders, teachers, veterinarians, and dentists…the list could go on and on! Unity is my dream come true!

Individual lives are working together for the highest and best for everyone. Everyone is important! No one needs to feel more or less important at Unity. You are all important and precious to me, for you are my dream come true!! Let’s help each other keep the dream alive!

From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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