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Progams & Events

Sunday Service

11 a.m.

Experience the uplifting high vibrations of your friends at Unity as we come together in prayer and meditation while receiving messages of divine guidance helping us remember our own divinity.  

Oneness Meditation

Wednesdays 7 p.m.

The Oneness Deeksha Blessing Meditation is a transfer of Divine energy which can quiet the constant chatter of the mind, open the door to higher states of awareness and help us awaken to Oneness. 

Oneness Meditaion
Awaken with Movies (1920 x 1080 px).jpg

Movies are a fun way to become aware of everyday spiritual truths that can help us awaken spiritually.

At Awaken with Movies, popular movies are shown with brief pauses throughout to consider such truths. Prerecorded comments are shared by an awakened teacher, based on the principles taught in A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, and other spiritual teachings. Afterwards, we will have time to discuss the movie, the comments, and our own thoughts and experiences. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and to share insights and life lessons!

John Mark Stroud is the virtual host and commentator. His insights are based on personal interaction with Yeshua (Jesus' original, Aramaic name) after attending Oneness University, Vipassana meditation, and studying both A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery.


When:  Every 3rd Sunday
Time:  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Note:  Over sixty movies are available. There are often 20-30 minutes of comments plus the discussion afterwards. Coffee and water are available.  Bring notepad for notes.

Requesting attendees provide a $5 ,or more, love offering to support Unity
building maintenance.

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medicine wheel 1 (1).jpg

An Invitation to Discover for Yourself What the Universe Wants to Communicate With You!!!

The Universe embodies Divine choreography and elegant intelligence. It is full of magic and mystery that can be tapped into simply by being present. The Universe is constantly trying to communicate with us. There is a confluence of guiding elements trying to share their knowledge. The weaving together of their respective languages can help us to better understand the world we live in. In every moment there exists a cosmic dance of information all around us. The Universe wants us to align with truth, joy, and abundance. These gifts are our birthright. Indigenous peoples all over the planet understood the teachings of Father Sky, Mother Earth, and helpers from the plant, animal, and mineral world. They were shown and allowed to see things to inform them. They would share these experiences with their tribe through stories so that information would not be lost. Sadly, we have lost many of our indigenous people who received stories (and songs) first-hand. The stories are being forgotten and the information is being lost. The good news is that a lot of the ancient wisdom can be extracted through the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine wheel has been used for thousands of years by unknown numbers of cultures. I am intrigued by the simplicity of this tool as well as the profound and practical information that it provides. It offers insight to help us better understand ourselves, our communities, and our planet. If this interests you too, join me to discover what the Universe is trying to communicate with you.

Medicine Wheel
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